Dear White Women

I usually don’t react and write about current racial issues. Simply because they will be emotionally filled and most times I can’t get my words right enough to speak on events we’re still experiencing in 2017…. and how white people still say that racism isn’t alive.

I do, however, repost articles that I read on BLM or racists riots. They usually come from another friend’s wall on Facebook. I read them to see not only what the article says but what that articles “says” about my friend. What they post will give a first hand view of where they stand in the sand.

Today my FB behavior was no different. I reposted a few articles and a meme or two. This article below struck a nerve in a white woman and she felt strong enough about the title (cause I am sure she didn’t read it) that she had to comment.

Hatch: My brother didn’t die fighting Hitler for Nazis to go unchallenged today

Yes I post BLM articles as well and I have had many of conversations, if that’s what you want to call them, with this said white woman about those too. But today… TODAY she showed me why white women are the problem. Not only do these alt-right protesters in Charlotteville tell the world where they stand racially, they also go home to white women who post things like this on public social media walls. White women who don’t hold these men accountable and more than likely share the same views.

I replaced her name with WOMAN because the human and adult in me is not about public humiliation. Her name is irrelevant and I am aware that social media can be a savage. So we’ll spare her any unnecessary stress. I also had a friend comment

The conversation went like this:

Then it got a little weird…

I am not white, but do acknowledge the “privileged” my fair skin, light eyes and “becky” hair has given me. I don’t even choose the white circle on applications. I may do so from now on and see where that takes me. I am still confused as to why she would even start a discussion about Puerto Rico. But I am sure you readers can get her “message” and intention.

Enter the friend:

For real though– the sun kills, just like crack.

And it continued…

Aren’t we tired of pointing out what racism looks like? What it sounds like? Aren’t we tired of educating them?

  1. Our culture?
  2. We have never had THIS conversation before. Ever.

She called me a racist… again.

Yes. I want to survive being pulled over by the cops. I don’t want to be a social media tag with #sayhername. I want to go home to my son. I want to be treated like a human being. Just like any other person of color.

White women, you have to do better. I thank every white friend who not only shows empathy but also holds their white counterparts accountable. But this mess right here is not acceptable

*** I did not alter this conversation in any way other than to not name the “woman” or “friend”.

© 2017, Lopez. All rights reserved.

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