This blog started as a base for my writing. As a source for the pieces that come about as I research foster care statistics and cultural differences between old school southern blacks and jibaro Puerto Ricans who both migrated to NJ’s biggest city during the middle of the crack cocaine epidemic.

My focus has somehow shifted since the death of my biological father in 2013 and my decision to walk away from my biological mother two years later.

I’m now living a life on my own terms. The following posts will tell you about it.


1. Essay– I agreed to join the call for 52 essays in 2017. I may not make the whole 52 weeks, but will try to push an essay out when I can. It will  more than likely go into 2018 and beyond.

2. Memoir– Here are pieces that connect to my personal life, slices of a memoir I’ve been trying to start, and restart, and organize. I managed to put together some words together. Some are still rough, but its needed in the writing process to just put it out there. I need it.

3. On Puerto Rico– Because I am appalled at the response of the current government to the humanitarian crisis in PR after Hurricane Maria and how the vast majority of the US residents still don’t know we’re citizens to. I will try my best to shed light on our forced participation of being American. But American at the very least.

I’ll shed light on how the US spoke about us, how they saw us, and how it hasn’t very much changed since 1899.